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St. Paul VI: Don’t stop caring

May 29, 2020

Jesus constantly tells his disciples not to worry, to take courage, that God is in control. But unless we are to fall into "fideism," this must be balanced with Jesus' three-fold demand to Peter: "feed my lambs / tend my sheep / feed my sheep." Jesus identifies this care for his flock as a true mark of a pastor in the Church, who loves Jesus by loving his people. But by extension every Christian disciple is likewise called to care for the needs of others in response to their faith in Jesus. The challenge has always been to care, to allow one's heart to be open to receiving what matters to Christ in our broken world: the demands of justice, the demands of peace, within the Church, and in the world without. Though each disciple may be called to act when it comes to particular issues in the world, great demands are placed upon Christian disciples to care about everything, not to hide behind "fideism" or an obstinate skepticism. If Christ's peace is truly to be made present in the world, justice must be sought in tandem: the righteousness of sanctification in the Holy Spirit, and right relations among all peoples. Pope St. Paul VI challenges us still to pursue this righteousness and justice today.

-Given at the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel (UST-St. Paul) on May 29, 2020, Friday of the Seventh Sunday of Easter, Memorial of Pope St. Paul VI

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