FriarZ’s Podcast

Memorial Day: Honoring the fallen, seeking after peace

May 25, 2020

Perceptions of violence within the Christian tradition have been fraught with complexity, from inquisitions and crusades, to strict pacifism and severe penances demanded for killing, to just war theory and the need for protecting the innocent and powerless. Complexities will always remain, but in our post-World War world, Christians are called to look upon the use of violence with fresh eyes in a globalized international reality. Today more than ever the Christian disciple is called to have faith that Jesus has already conquered the world, so that we may have the courage not to resort to violence when afraid for our security and the security of others. Nevertheless, in our fallen world sometimes lethal force is necessary to secure peace, though always as a last resort. This Memorial Day, we honor those who've given their lives to protect the innocent and defenseless, and recognize our responsibility as Christians to contribute to a world in which the necessity of such sacrifices are kept to a minimum, if not eliminated entirely.

-Given at the St. Albert the Great Priory on May 25, 2020, Monday of the Seventh Sunday of Easter, Memorial Day

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